• Aparna Patil

A Niche Application in the medical field

Have you ever visualized a bunch of wires controlling your flow of blood to your heart? Sounds absurd? Now nothing will seem impractical. At CMDE Labs we help you convert your imagination into a reality. This will be done by our experts from various fields of engineering by using ‘Compliant Mechanism’. Let us understand this in depth by considering a ‘Coronary Stent’.

A ‘Coronary Stent’ consists of balloon catheter (bunch of wires) that inflates and expands the wire tube to a desired diameter that will increase blood flow to the heart. The balloon catheter follows compliant mechanism which is used to unclog an artery. This is difficult to achieve from conventional methods because of the light weight, precise accuracy and miniaturised size. The product is produced by 3D printing and the cost of the product is merely $407.

Stent materials are self-expandable due to its SE characteristics. The metals used are nitinol, stainless steels, and other metallic alloys. Additionally, polymers such as nylon and polyurethane are also used. It is mainly used for patients suffering from plaque or atherosclerosis.

Advantages to the Manufacturer

Advantages to the Patient

The coronary stents market has recorded a revenue of US $8.30 billions in 2018 and is expected to reach US $15.37 billion by 2026 with a CAGR of 7.9%. Get in touch with us to produce a ‘Prototype’ from an idea and generate large revenue from it.

Contact us and we promise to help you. Let’s meet over a call to know more.

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