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Balancing product cost and product performance

Updated: Mar 30

Balancing product cost and product performance

A common challenge which hits during manufacturing of the product, is to maintain a balance between product cost and product performance. Consumers are willing to pay for added features. Balancing the features to meet that target price is a key goal. If the product cost is high or the performance seems undesirable, then the product will get killed in the market.

At CMDE Labs, our team consists of experts from various fields of engineering. Initially, we analyse your idea and accordingly provide you with a “Compliant Mechanical Design”. We also suggest the best manufacturing process for your product. We believe in keeping the production process as simple as possible. Secondly, using compliant mechanism concepts will help in part reduction. Considering these two factors and then calculating the product cost; the resultant figure should be low.

Let’s now move to the product performance. It is highly misinterpreted by the people that a cheap product will have low performance. Since our products have less parts, wear and tear of the parts is also minimal. Thereby giving a higher efficient performance.

If you don't want to lose the quality and performance of your product and also want a less priced product, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us!

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