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Updated: Mar 30

Compliant mechanism Amplifier

A compliant mechanical amplifier (CMA) based on the new topology is designed to amplify the stroke of a piezoelectric actuator. The new CMA can convert the motion generated by a PZT actuator with a large amplification ratio in a very compact size, and it has a high natural frequency (573 Hz) and no lateral displacement.

The amplification mechanism based on the compliant mechanism is a special type of compliant mechanism with a proper design of topology and geometry. The design goal is to achieve a large amplification ratio that can, however, compromise the generating force or the natural frequency of an amplification mechanism.

These mechanisms have problems such as the presence of a lateral displacement and/or a low natural frequency. Specifically, the following issues are there:

  1. The topology synthesis of mechanical amplifiers,

  2. The design of the flexure hinges for CMA, and

  3. The fine-tuning of the design parameters

Topology of mechanical amplifiers thus contains the fundamental features that are responsible for the characteristics and performances of mechanical amplifiers.

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