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Developing from an idea to a prototype

Updated: Mar 30

Idea into reality

Are you aiming at converting a concept into a reality? If yes, then you have come to the right platform! A product cycle is a complex, expensive, and time-consuming process with ample risks involved. Let’s have a glance at the process to create something from nothing.

Let’s break down the visionary process into stages:

Idea into reality

1. Idea

Skills such as entrepreneurship, creativity, business administration and motivation play a vital role here. An innovative one only comes up when you understand the problem and the need of the people.

2. Product design, Prototype development and Logistics

CMDE Labs will help you in analysing your idea and then process it from producing a creative ’ Product Design’ to developing the ‘Prototype’. We help you decide the best manufacturing material as well as technique. This involves CNC milling, injection moulding, 3D printing, LEM, EDM and photo-lithography. Probability of having a functional design will be maximum.

3. Branding, promotion, and sales

This is not the end of it!! Branding, marketing, and selling your product is equally challenging. We help you with the branding, the product launch and also with the intellectual properties. For sales, we connect you to OEMs or a variety of different distributors.

Frustrated with some technical problem or having an idea? Contact us and we promise to help you. Let’s meet over a call to know more about the product cycle.

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