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Origami so useful for engineering?

Updated: Mar 30

Origami so useful for engineering?

In the previous blog we have seen the evolution of origami based compliant designs from a simple folded paper. But the question that arises is, is origami so useful for engineering? When you view it through the lens of an engineer, it can be viewed as a method in which a large flat material is folded in a predetermined way to produce a particular shape, which is compact, probably rigid or even produce a particular motion. It provides ease of manufacturing, reduction of parts, portability, durability etc.

Scope of Origami in Engineering

  • Origami is basically a compliant mechanism which achieves force and motions through bending.

  • However, origami need not be restricted to materials that can be folded. This concept can be used for medical, space exploration, and robotics.

  • Origami in the packaging; since folding and unfolded can facilitate transportation and save space before use.

  • Origami techniques were used in the pipes , its supports were used to absorb the excess pressure; thus, reducing the risk of accidents.

  • Some teachers currently use origami as an educational tool that helps in clarifying geometry, explaining fractions, and solving problems.

Origami has even inspired many innovative products like shopping bags, lamps, stools can be folded in a suitcase. Origami Engineering is a relatively new field whose innovative potential is increasingly recognized by manufacturers and engineers. The technology can be applied in many other industries and applications.

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