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The Modern Life of Origami

Updated: Mar 30

Modern life of origami

Origami is the Japanese art of folding paper into decorative geometrical shapes and figures. It is amazing to witness, it’s inspiration on mechanical engineering design. It has evolved to be a valuable inspiration for engineered systems. The simplicity and elegance of origami has motivated researchers to explore its application in the world of materials.

Let us look at one of the applications. The image below shows the evolution of origami based solar arrays from a simple origami pattern. Surprised??

Origami used in space

Advantages of Origami-Inspired Mechanisms

  • Prototyping is fast and cheap

  • Inspire several design solutions from micro-structures to foldable/deployable large 3D structures.

  • Origami structures are fabricated from blue prints that are cut out of thin sheets of raw material using relatively rapid and inexpensive machining processes (such as laser cutting)

  • With the advances in self-folding techniques, folding can happen through a human-independent process.

  • Determining procedures to modify existing and design entirely new crease patterns that allow folding in more effective ways.

  • Managing the stiffness of an origami-inspired mechanism is an important capability to ensure that lightweight deployable can adequately fulfill their functions.

Ongoing research in origami engineering is improving folding efficiency in many engineering operations and recent innovations are expanding the future capabilities and usefulness of these devices.

Nothing is impossible!! The team at CMDE Labs does not only believe in this, but is determined to make it happen. So, schedule an appointment with us today to get more insights of origami based compliant designs.

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