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Want to explore compliant mechanisms?

Updated: Mar 30


The rise in technology over the years has caused tremendous change in the production cycle of a product. The revolution has increased the speed and reduced the cost of mass production. Indeed, ‘Compliant Mechanisms’ is one of the great researches carried out.

Compliant mechanisms use elastic body deformation to transfer an input force or displacement to another point. These are monolithic (single piece) or joint-less mechanisms performing complex actions. They are often a part of complex structures. The elastic properties with no joints provide the means to miniaturize the mechanism. The resulting mechanisms can be made to do precise and repeatable actions.

Compliant mechanism in robotics

One of the most important reasons why compliant mechanisms are preferred over traditional ones is the dramatic reduction in the number of parts needed to attain the visualized motion and the desired result.

The picture below shows the comparison between the company using traditional methods and compliant mechanisms:

Product manufactured using traditional methods vs CMDE Labs

Other compelling reasons are:

  • Easier assembly

  • Lighter in weight

  • Less friction resulting in lower maintenance

  • Cost-effective

  • Precision in motion

  • Superior performance

  • Reduction in size

  • Higher reliability

  • Simpler production process

  • Adaptability to morphing, lamina emergent, and adaptive motions

  • Available in miso, micro, and nano sizes

  • Ease of manufacturing because of the nature of materials used

CMDE Labs give you a competitive edge like nothing before. Excited to know how? Then, fix an appointment with us and learn more about this promising concept.

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