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What to expect from us?

Updated: Mar 30

What to expect from us?

The team at CMDE Labs will strive to build and grow our product. Firstly, we will generate and manage your intellectual property. Secondly, the entire project management process along with planning and strategies will be provided.

Let us discuss each in brief

1. Generating and managing the intellectual property

Generating and managing intellectual property

If you are the first mover, you will have significant IP. CMDE Labs will handle the Intellectual Property process as well as licensing the same to agreed upon suppliers. This will be done via a service agreement which could include any white labelling agreement and call options on the IP.

Note the risk in not being the first mover is the risk of competition obtaining the IP.

You can expect:

End to end design and support process

  • Critical study regarding patent landscapes and your field.

  • Various patent possibilities, which can make you a market powerhouse.

  • International (US/UK/China/EU) Patents to build corporate patent structures.

2. Complete Project Management, Planning and Strategy

Complete Project Management, Planning and Strategy

So, book an appointment with us for more details visit

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